The Shift


What is "The Shift?"

Karen Nurse

CEO Founder

The Shift is an In Person or Virtual Program arranged as either a 

(4 Weeks) 75 Minute Group Fitness Classes

The Shift PPP Fitness Challenge

Physical Fitness, Breathing and Meditation is used to help you Kick Start your Fitness journey towards losing those pandemic pounds, boosting your immune system while learning to maintain your gorgeous physique. 

(10) 1-1 Personal Coaching Sessions

The Shift 10 Week 1-1 Personal Coaching Session w/Karen 

(8) 90 Minute Small Group Workshops 

The Shift 8 Week Small Group Workshop

Spirit Led Coaching is used to help you overcome emotional eating, unforgiveness and negative thinking. 

You will be inspired, encouraged and supported in the changes you want to see happen in your life.

During our weekly virtual sessions, we’re going to Apply 9 techniques that will help release stored up emotions, debilitating self-talk and negative body imaging while educating you on the importance of living in complete ”oneness” mind, body and spirit through self-love and self care.

As you make The Shift, The Spirit will empower you to achieve the strength from within to apply movement, healthy nutrition, rest and positive energy to fuel your body, boost your immune system and shed unwanted pounds.

On your journey you will learn to forgive your past and embrace your present as you prepare and activate your future. 

Spirit Led Coaching will evoke your inner voice to hear and see answers within that will guide you into your freedom, abundance and purpose.

So you're thinking, I really like what I'm hearing but how will these techniques be applied and will they really work for me? Schedule a 20 minute complimentary call with Karen. 

The Shift 1:1 Complimentary 30 Minute Self Discovery Call 

Interested but you have questions or need more information? Set Up A 20 minute Complimentary Self Discovery Call w/Karen 

The Shift 1:1 Complimentary 30 Minute Self Discovery Call 

The Shift Mission

The Shift will help you "Konnect" and Align the Mind, Body and Spirit Through Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Emotional and Spiritual Healing so you can make the "Xchange" to optimal living. 

The Shift will walk you through Sprit led coaching where the focus will be on helping you hear your inner voice. You will be inspired, encouraged and supported in the changes you want to see happen in your life

Movement, healthy nutrition, rest and self care will help fuel your body, boost your mood, shed unwanted pounds as well as tone and shape your butt hips and thighs.

The Mind will be devoid of false beliefs and negative self talk as it's replaced with truth, words of affirmation, self love and self care. 

Spirit Led Coaching using meditation and visualization will evoke the Spirit within you to hear and see answers that will guide you into your freedom, abundance and purpose

I had the pleasure to FINALLY experience Karen's services at my signature 'Still I Rise' retreat in San Diego. It was a REFRESHING experience to begin our day with a SUNRISE workout by the water. Karen is relatable, she is a testament via her appearance alone of what SELF LOVE and the pursuit of SELF RESTORATION looks like! She moves beyond the theory of a great story to a living, walking, talking, put in the work testimony of SELF.  

Veronica Smith
Chief Engagement Officer at by Design Consulting

I finished the book 🔥🔥 it was authentic, transparent, engaging and informative . Every gem of knowledge that was illustrated from your journey was illuminated by a practical tool so that you could realize the skill for yourself! Loved it. The workshop is a perfect extension to your book. 

Sersie Blue
Los Angeles, California

I had the pleasure of experiencing one of her meditation sessions and it was “just what I needed”. She helped me focus on the positive and taught me to “let go”. Her enthusiasm, energy and spirit are so comforting! I recommend giving Karen a try....she won’t disappoint

Cindy Spillar
Orange County, CA

I wanted a professional to guide me on a fitness path.  Karen is a fitness professional with a foundation of credibility. She is knowledgeable and caring. · Based on the confidence developed through Karen’s guidance,I ran my first 10K…actually, it was a 10K Mud Run! Would have never considered this had I not built my confidence and fitness through Karen and her classes.

Mark Brubaker
Orange County, CA